our goals

  • A culture where women are setting a precedent as pro ultimate athletes.

  • To inspire kids who are learning about Ultimate to play at a higher level and to get more kids involved in the game!

  • 5 professional teams across the west coast

  • 140 professional female athletes

  • International visibility


We are proud to announce the 2019 Southern California women’s professional ultimate series. The purpose of these games is to increase visibility of women’s ultimate and to establish a professional presence to build upon next year. The Los Angeles Aviators and San Diego Growlers have collaborated with leaders in the women’s ultimate community to create these opportunities to showcase women's ultimate and reach a nation-wide audience. All proceeds will go toward perpetuating women’s ultimate by running clinics and establishing a professional women’s team with the hopes of joining the Premier Ultimate League. We believe players of all identities and backgrounds deserve an equal opportunity to be recognized and lauded for their excellence in our sport.

We are excited to host the Seattle Cascades women’s team for 2 games as a part of this series. In addition, the Cascades are participating in a northwest women’s ultimate series with Vancouver and Portland. This totals 8 unprecedented women’s professional games on the west coast this year. We are inspired by the launch of the Premier Ultimate League in the midwest, south and eastern regions of the country and want to make sure that the west coast has a seat at the table for years to come.

Our goal is to build a solid foundation and create an initial stepping stone in developing women’s professional ultimate and furthering gender equity in Southern California. We will accomplish this by promoting viewership of women's ultimate through this series.