Why Use Marquee Hire

There are numerous advantages to a marquee rental, not the least of which is the low price. You can turn even a lower-budget venue into the grand dream venue you always imagined by employing marquee hire. Marquee rentals are available in every size and shape conceivable, allowing you to create whatever feel you desire. A marquee is ideal for a small intimate wedding as there are no decor pieces to worry about; your only responsibility is the size and type. Bigger weddings require more planning, but it is possible to employ marquee hire to take care of everything for you, from the colour scheme to the flowers, table-landing, and decorations. In larger weddings, the bridal party can also benefit from the extra room provided by a marquee.

A marquee hire South Australia for an outdoor event means that guests can stay cool and dry throughout the day. Summer heat can be excruciating when guests are forced to walk through the scorching summer heat with cold drinks. With the help of hired marquee, your guests will arrive in style while avoiding the heat and discomfort. The venue can provide stylish seating, a shade over tables and areas where refreshments are offered, or cater for outdoor grills where your guests can sit comfortably before and after their meal.

Hiring a marquee for an extensive guest list is also possible, such as a wedding reception. In the UK, marquee hire is most commonly employed for intimate weddings and events because more extensive guest lists mean fewer people have access to the space you need for your event. However, a marquee is also grand for more extensive guest lists when you have limited space and want your guests to be served on time. Marquee hire may be the perfect solution if your event occurs during colder months, such as the winter holidays. Marquees can provide enough room for your guests to be seated comfortably in various comfortable seating arrangements.

Different marquees are designed to accommodate different types of parties, including corporate and theme-based parties. For these events, marquee suppliers can provide a wide range of marquees to meet your needs. Many marquee hire South Australia offer catering services as well, allowing your guests to be served delicious meals while in the presence of your impressive marquees. Depending on your budget, you may choose to buy or hire furnishing materials that include tables, chairs, barbeque accessories, lighting and other decorations so your marquees can enhance the appearance of your venue while providing comfortable and attractive seating for your guests.

As well as serving as an effective and helpful tool for hosting events, marquee hire can be used for decorating your venue. There are numerous blank canvas designs available, allowing you to make your venue look unique. Blank canvas designs for marquees are typically professional in appearance and include professional branding, allowing your guests to identify your venue quickly. These blank canvas designs can be applied to your marquee in several ways, including using decorative paint, stencils and fabric paints.

You have many choices when it comes to purchasing marquees for your event. Although many marquees hire providers offer a large selection of marquees for sale, it is up to you to determine what you want the marquee for. Some people love the slate look, for example, while others may prefer the traditional look of brick or stone. If you are looking for something in particular, there are many options to choose from.