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How to Choose the Right Silo Film

The silage film is an important component in the quality of hay. It offers reliability and efficiency. The best silage film is designed to suit the needs of the farmer. Here are some options: Buy quality silage film at now. 

SML’s SmartCast

SML’s SmartCast production line can produce four 750 mm-wide rolls of silage film. Compared with blown film, this line has twice the output capacity. Moreover, SmartCast silage film is also compatible with conventional stretch wrap film. Both types of film are available from SML. The benefits of using cast film production lines are numerous, and here are just some of them.

SML’s PIB-free cast silage film has high cling and stretchability values. It also reaches dart impact values of more than 15 g/um. Moreover, the film has a higher stretchability of about 15%. All of these properties make it the ideal choice for silage production. The film can be applied to individual wrappers, inline, or a combination.

The SmartCast line of silage film is complemented by the W4000-4S winder, which has four shafts per turret and incorporates all functional requirements of key players in the industry. The W4000-4S can wind all popular stretch films and anticipated new products. Additionally, it can produce hand rolls of various dimensions. It can be configured to wind twelve or seven-um film at speeds up to 750 m/min. The new machine’s chill roll unit has been upgraded, and the turret can index the film faster. This results in a shorter film tail and a faster cycle time.


SML offers two types of silage wrap films: the MiniCast and SmartCast. MiniCast produces two 750mm wide rolls of film. SmartCast produces four. The MiniCast is best suited for silage production during seasonal times, and the SmartCast is a good option for high-volume production of stretch wrap film.

SML produces a unique PIB-free cast silage film with a cling value of 8-9 N/m. The impact was measured at more than 15 g/um, far greater than the ten-gram-per-micron standard for silage film. Moreover, SML’s PIB-free cast film formulations offer superior film properties and lower production costs than blown film.

The second skin layer of the cast film preferably contains twenty-five to thirty per cent of a polypropylene-based elastomer. The film may have a thickness of up to 30 microns. Additional non-skin layers can be added to the film to provide extra functionality. These layers may contain anti-block agents, slip additives, and polyolefin-based resins with higher density. Buy quality silage film at now. 


The advantages of RaniBel silage film include its low cost per m2 and high-quality raw materials. It has a very thin film and excellent mechanical properties. Its use in silage production reduces the amount of air that escapes from the silo. It can be used with all other silage films, including RaniCover. For the best ensilage quality, choose Sanibel.

The multilayer stretch film in RaniBel silage film is an added protection for bales. This film has an extra slip layer to prevent bale damage during stapling. The film also contains a UV masterbatch, which protects the bales against the damaging effects of sunlight. Its multi-layered structure prevents the hay bales from breaking, which is very important for bale wrapping.


Unlike conventional silage films, Silofresh Gold offers superior strength and is easy to handle. In addition, it is a lightweight and dependable choice that comes with an 18-month warranty. The film is also a great choice for livestock feed and sugar beet pulp storage in several colours and thicknesses. To save space, you can use a Sotrafa Greenbag bag. These bags are designed to conserve feed and protect the environment.

It is also known as “SoloPower” and is a leading agricultural stretch film. This film features seven layers of material to improve the film’s behaviour and reduce thickness tolerances. Using a standard three or five-layer film, the tolerances of the film are typically +/-12%. SoloPower reduces the tolerance to just three per cent. It is, therefore, a good choice for farmers looking for better performance at a competitive price.

The Benefits of Silage Film

There are many reasons to use silage film for storage. This product has many benefits for the farmer and trader alike. Its high slip layer helps prevent damage to the bales during stapling and storage. A UV masterbatch is also added to the film, which protects it from the sun. Here are just a few. These materials are ideally suited for long-term storage of grain and silage. They also provide excellent protection from the elements, making them a practical choice for farmers and producers alike.

The global silage film market is segmented into monolayer films and multilayer films. Monolayer films have the advantage of lower oxygen restriction. However, multilayer films have higher durability and protection properties and can withstand various environmental conditions. Therefore, increasing production and demand for these products drive the market exponentially. Some of the leading manufacturers of silage film are Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil Corporation, Berry Plastics Group, BASF SE, and Kuraray Co. Ltd. Buy quality silage film at now.